Current challenge
Non – Compliance in Hazardous Waste Disposal. Evident in Hazardous Waste found in General Waste Landfill sites and the persistent illegal dumping detrimental to humans, animals, and the ecosystem.
Hazardous Waste Specialists
Our team understands the nature and characteristics of hazardous waste. We often find that poor decisions are made about waste disposal due to businesses lacking the appropriate information, resulting in excessive amounts of waste being disposed of at landfills and wastewater treatment plants.

Waste assessment: Free assessment and characterization of Hazardous Waste.
Compliance assist: Assisting waste generators with compliance through Training.
Waste Exchange: A platform to exchange waste by linking generators to processors
Waste Advisory: Advisory service on treatment options, reducing disposal fees and exploring

Speedy Waste Collection
We promise our customers speedy collections with no delays. With Tshegofentse Hazardous Waste & Analytical Services, you will never be kept waiting in an unsafe, unhygienic workplace while waste accumulates. Our turnaround time on waste collection after quote acceptance is unbeatable, and we go above and beyond to ensure no delays after you have called for a collection. We value communication, using a CRM system to keep records on a collection schedule.
By using CRM software, we keep our client waste records up to date, allowing us to efficiently plan and schedule timeous collections and proper route planning.
Safety EMphasis
Waste Generator Record Management
CRM System
COMPLIANCE ASSISTANCE As part of our objective, we seek to repurpose waste and dispose of it safely and in an environmentally friendly way. We also assist our customers by evaluating their operations for safety and environmental hazards. We provide tailored assessments and training to increase employees’ knowledge of safety, risk, health and hygiene.
WASH BAY EFFLUENT If you are having persistent problems with your wash bay, such as clogged sludge pits, difficulty removing solids from oily water or excessive sludge removal costs, Tshegofentse Hazardous Waste & Analytical Services has the solution for you. Is your sludge pit constantly clogged? Are you struggling to maintain your wash bay area or remove solids from oily water? Are you paying excessive amounts for Sludge disposal? With our comprehensive effluent treatment services, we assist your company in achieving Zero Liquid Discharge by reusing your wastewater. Moreover, you will save on disposal fees, potable water costs, as well as penalties paid to the municipality for off-spec discharge of effluent.  Download File

Poor management and maintenance of fat and grease traps can lead to problems including sewer line blockages, bad odours, high COD load to local wastewater treatment plants, unhygienic workplaces and more. The services we provide lessen the impact of FOG, easing the burden on the wastewater infrastructure in big cities. Download File

ONSITE WASTE SORTING Many industries face the daily challenge of waste buildup and are uncertain how to dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way. By implementing a site plan and improving your site layout for waste sorting, we can help you create a safer, cleaner workplace waste collection system. Waste disposal containers of various types and sizes suitable for the workplace and type of waste generated allow you to save on disposal fees by sorting mixed waste.
Training Students at the Tshegofentse Training Academy are trained for practical jobs that have a significant positive effect on the environment. With this initiative, we can share our knowledge and skills so trainees can become proficient at managing waste challenges and securing the environment. At Tshegofentse Hazardous Waste & Analytical Services, we believe that the advancement of knowledge and practical skills is what allows us as a society to grow. Visit or email learn more.