Setswana Sere Thuto Ke Senotlolo Sa Bokamoso

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About Us

Tshegofentse Facilities & Engineering is a Technical services company, focused on providing services related to environmental sustainability, health and hygiene. Our core services are Hazardous Waste Management, Water Quality Testing & Technical Training Solutions. The company was established in 2005, formed in the Vaal Triangle region with offices located in Vanderbjilpark.

    Training Academy

    Training Ethos

    We Train to provide Skills not just a Certificate. We understand the dilemma facing our country South Africa. High unemployment and lack of critical Industry required skills. “The sad reality is that thousands of our educated graduates stagnate and accumulate in our communities, most of them with just a certificate hanging on the wall … HERE IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO CHANGE IT NOW !“   

    –  Thuto Mosholi, Director.

    “You have the degree you are UNEMPLOYABLE! “

    Here at the Tshegofentse Academy, we prepare you for the real world. We are committed to being part of the solution to address our high unemployment rate.

    Friendly Price Package

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    Our core strategy is aligned with the Skills Development Act objectives below

    • To improve the quality of life of workers, their prospects of work and labour mobility
    • To improve productivity in the workplace and the competitiveness of employers
    • To promote self-employment
    • To provide employees with the opportunities to acquire new skills
    • To provide opportunities for new entrants to the labor market to gain work experience