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Industry Waste Types
We provide simple, effective solutions applicable to a range of industries. Companies want to find greener ways of disposing of waste legally but struggle to find the right avenues. That’s where we come in. We offer a wide range of services that aim to solve this problem by reducing pollution and creating employment opportunities at the same time.
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Metals & Mining

Heavy metal effluent
Filter cake
Spent acids
Contamined fuels

Common hazardous waste
Oily rags
Used oils & grease
Contaminated ppe
Lead acid batteries
Paint , coatings & Automotive

Inks, additives and pigments
Used packaging
Lubricants & greases
Oil filters

Chemicals, fertilizers & manufacturing
Expired chemicals
Acidic waste
High COD effluent
Low pH effluent
Textile & Leather
Tannery leather shavings
Wood pulp
Animal waste
Dyes & pigments
Food, beverages & retail
Off spec produce
Abattoir waste
Fat trap waste
Other hazardous waste
Sandblasting grit
Oil filters

Given our knowledge of users and generators of different types of waste we can facilitate the exchange of waste. We can identify certain waste streams or by-products that have the potential to be reused or recycled by other companies. Your waste could be someone’s gold. The benefits are immense; avoid landfill, save on disposal costs, job-creation & environmental sustainability.Waste beneficiation is a well known practice embedded into our Waste Act. According to the waste management hierarchy: waste must first be avoided – where it cannot be avoided it must be reduced, reused, recycled or recovered and only disposed of if there is nothing else that could be done with it.

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The Waste Hierarchy

1. Avoid: Maximum conservation of resources

2.Reuse: Reusing Materials

3.Recycle: Recycling & reprocessing materials

4.Waste to Energy: Energy recovery prior to disposal

5.Disposal of Waste: Zero conversion of resources